Friday, April 12, 2013

Lush Gift Haul for my Family :)

*These products were purchased by me. I am a Lush employee so I do receive a discount on Lush products. This does not change my opinion on the products in any way.*

I had some gift giving to do this month, so I thought I'd show you the items that I've already given!

Gifts for my trip to Oregon:
3 Massage Bars in tins,  R & B Hair Moisturizer sample, 2 Fun in Green, and Fun in Blue
The Therapy massage bar was a gift for my cousin to thank her for picking me up from the airport. It smells lightly of florals and Jasmine, and is a great gift choice for anyone!
Therapy Massage Bar + Tin
I got three Fun (2 green and 1 blue) for each of my cousins' children. These are so much fun for kids! They are basically like play dough, and can be used in and out of the bath. Outside of the bath, it's like great smelling, non-toxic, preservative-free play dough. Inside the bath, Fun can be used as soap, shampoo, or for bubbles! Green smells like lemon/lime citrus and Blue smells like chamomile & lavender.
Fun Green
Fun Green
Fun Green
Fun Blue
Fun Blue
Fun Blue
The next two gifts are for my mom, who is a lotion lover. She wanted to try the massage bars, and enjoys light scents, so I got her Each Peach (and Two's a Pair) and Heavenilli. Each Peach (and Two's a Pair) smells of lemongrass, while Heavenilli smells of vanilla.
Each Peach (and Two's a Pair) Massage Bar plus tin
Heavenilli Massage Bar plus tin
Gifts for cousins for Easter:
I gave these to my cousins, Ariel and Catherine, as a thank you for inviting the boyfriend and I over for Easter. These are the Fluffy Egg Bath Bombs. If you enjoyed the limited edition Christmas time Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Fluffy Egg smells just like it!  It's still available in some in store locations!
Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb

Gifts for my boyfriend's mom's birthday:
This is what my boyfriend and I got for his mom's birthday. I thought this was a pretty good Lush started kit!
Therapy Massage Bar plus tin
Sex Bomb Bath Bomb. Full review here.
The Brightside Bubble Bar. Limited edition for Easter but still available in some in store locations.
The Celebrate Gift!
Celebrate includes 100 ml sizes of Happy Hippy Shower Gel and Grass Shower Gel.
Celebrate includes 100g sizes of Sexy Peel Soap, Sea Vegetable Soap, and Karma Soap.
Hope you all are having a great day!

Disclosure: These products were purchased by me as gifts for others. I was not paid or compensated in any way. All opinions are my own.


  1. Super fun gift haul! I'm sure your family was very happy! I really want to try a bubble bar!

    1. Bubble bars are awesome! I'm not sure what type of scents you are partial too, but I recommend the Comforter Bubble Bar to pretty much anyone. It's the same size as the Brightside (featured in this post), so what I like to do is take a knife and cut it into thirds or fourths. That way you get multiple baths! Plus the Comforter smells like blackcurrent/blackberries.

  2. The Sex Bomb is so pretty! I adore LUSH, but havn't shopped there is forever. I need to stock up on some bath products for those nights I just want to relax & unwind! Xo


    1. Sex bomb is one of my favorites! :). Thanks for checking out my blog!