Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lush Sex Bomb Bath Bomb Review

Today I'll be reviewing the first bath bomb I've ever tried, Lush's Sex Bomb. Lush is a cruelty-free brand that focuses on making hand-made cosmetics, including bath products, lotions, and more recently color cosmetics.
Image from Lush.
Lush's claims:
  • "A must have for any romantic bath."
  • Contains jasmine, clary sage, and ylang ylang that are "powerful aphrodisiacs known to relax you."
  • "Soya milk makes the water milky, softening your entire body."
  • This is Lush's best-selling bath bomb.
The bath balm itself is rather large, being slightly bigger than the palm of my hand (though I do have small hands lol). Most of the bath balm is pink with purple magenta veining separating it from a purple portion, which contains a real rose.

When you touch the bath bomb, some powder comes off on your hand, so I wouldn't go waving or throwing it around, though it's not crazy fragile. You can immediately sniff the bath bomb and get a sense of its jasmine nature.

Instructions on the bath balm include filling your bath tub with warm water and dropping the bath bomb in. Pretty self explanatory. So I plopped into the bath, put the bath bomb in, and watched it quickly fizz! Also, a cute rose popped out of the bath bomb! It was seriously cool watching the bomb fizz away, replacing the bomb with lovely bright pink water. The water was very opaquely milky pink, as well as being intensely moisturizing. At the time, I had used a Jacuzzi bath, so I was able to use the jets. The cool part was whenever the jets were on, the bath water continued to fizz up, further releasing the scent into the air. I was enjoying myself so much, I took a very long bath! When I left the tub, my skin felt more moisturizing than it did before my bath and the scent of Jasmine lingered on my skin long after. It didn't linger strongly, but I could smell it myself if I gave my arm a sniff.

The jasmine scent is positively lovely, and I'd highly recommend it to any jasmine lovers out there!

  • The jasmine scent is wonderful and lingers long after your bath is over on both you and your bathroom!
  • It turns the bath a milky bright pink, but it doesn't stain the tub or leave a ring around it.
  • The bath water is very moisturizing both while you're in the bath and out, though I wouldn't skip moisturizer.
  • It's very luxurious feeling and a wonderful treat!
  • Plus a rose pops out! Very cool and romantic.
  • I wouldn't call it expensive, but since a bath bomb only lasts you one bath, it would get expensive to shell out $6.65 per bath. Instead I would use this for special occasions or when you really need to relax.
  • Although enjoyable, it's not a beauty product that noticeably changes your appearance, nor is it an essential.
Lush Sex Bomb. Check out that gorgeous rose!
Lush Bath Bomb, side view.
My pink bath water!
Beauty in the Breakdown:
  • Brand: Lush
  • Product: bath bomb
  • Type: Sex Bomb
  • Price: $6.65
  • Where to get: Lush stores or Lush's website
  • Package Quality (out of 5 stars): ***** (Technically it's just put in a bag, but the product itself could be called packaging, and it looks darn cute!) 
  • Overall Rating (out of 5 stars): **** 1/2 (Very enjoyable, though not essential)
  • Recommend: Yes
  • Repurchase: Yes, I would if I was in the market for another bath bomb. Though I'd try a different Lush bath bomb out first before repurchasing. I want to try Dragon Egg next time, since I love citrus and it's supposed to make your bath glittery!
  • Side Note: Cruelty-free and hand-made!
  • Grade: A-
Disclosure: This product was given to me as a gift. I was not paid or compensated in any way. All opinions are my own.


  1. Sex bomb is one of my favorites! I usually keep a few stocked in my bathroom for emergencies!

    1. I honestly wasn't expecting to love a bath bomb so much, but I'm so glad I tried it! Lush keeps pleasantly surprising me (and making me want to stock up to!).

  2. I adore this bath bomb! great review and pictures! Good idea with pros and cons - I agree with them!:) Great blog!