Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beauty Things I Suck At! Tag + a Crazy Face of the Day

I saw this tag going around youtube and thought, I'd like to do this one as well! All you are supposed to do is talk about the beauty related topics you aren't so good at. Most beauty bloggers are pretty darn awesome at beauty-related things, but we all have our weaknesses.
  • Winged eyeliner: I've recently gotten into winging out my eyeliner from time to time, and I've gotten way better. So I'm actually fairly good now, but I used to have the worst trouble. I remember spending a half hour (at least) trying to do perfect winged eyeliner for prom! My only problem now is that I'm always convinced that the wings aren't even, like one is longer/thicker than the other. lol!
  • Liquid eyeliner: Remember that prom story I just mentioned? I was using liquid eyeliner, which is why my winged eyeliner used to suck so bad (I use gel eyeliner now and the amazing Tarte double-sided eyeliner/smudger brush. It solved my problem!). I'm just not that great with liquid liner. It's just too darn wet for my taste. I'll make the perfect line and then I blink and it's all over my crease. Not cool. I haven't owned a black liquid liner in years since I prefer gel, cream, or pencil. I have one sparkly brown liquid liner from a Stila set that I like but rarely use since it gets everywhere! I always seem to forget to let it dry...such a fail! I am willing to try one again in the future, maybe even one in pen form (which I've never tried before). Perhaps I'll get one from Ipsy someday.
  • Mascara w/ wet formulas: When a mascara formula is really wet, the chances of me applying it, blinking, and getting it on my crease is very good. I always forget since I don't tend to use many wet mascaras. 
  • Curling my eyelashes: Ok, this one I don't actually suck at, but my confession is that I don't ever bother curling my eyelashes. I happen to think that my natural lashes look just fine with mascara only. My natural lashes seem to hold a curl on their own, as long as I have a good mascara. As a result, I just don't own an eyelash curler. And if it ain't broke, don't fix it!
  • Putting on false eyelashes: This is another beauty related thing I don't bother doing. Like I said, my lashes look pretty good with mascara, so I haven't actually bothered with falsies. I'm pretty sure I would suck at putting false eyelashes on if I tried. I honestly just can't get past putting glue so close to my eye! As a contact lens wearer, I could see this going wrong in so many ways! lol.
  • Uneven pencil liner thickness: My preferred way of applying pencil eyeliner is a noticeable line on my upper lash line in either black or brown and a barely there line on my lower lash line in a brown-ish color. I think it makes my eyes look more awake! Sometimes I feel like one eye's upper lash line eyeliner might be thicker or thinner than my other eye. Or sometimes I meant to do a very thin line and ended up with a much thicker line than I intended to. So many eyeliner problems, I swear!
  • Liner in the waterline/tightline: And yet another liner issue. I don't think I'm necessarily bad at waterlining/tightlining, I just don't think it looks that great on me. Whenever I put black/brown in my waterline, my eyes just look smaller. And it's rather irritating to my eyes. Tightlining I've warmed up to, but I still rarely do it.
  • Liquid foundation: I'm out of practice using liquid/cream foundations, and as a result, I'm just not an expert at applying it. Plus my skin seems to hate most foundations anyway!
  • Cleaning my brushes: I hate cleaning brushes! And I hate how lazy I can be about it! Also, it seems to take me forever to get my brushes as clean as I like.
  • Doing my hair in general: I hate doing my hair. Half the time I never do anything at all. This is sometimes a product of my laziness with my hair; the other is that I just don't enjoy doing it like I do with make up. My hair seems to look ok with air drying, and straightening a couple wonky pieces, so that's what I tend to do. I am good at cutting my bangs though. lol
  • Putting on jewelry: I forget to switch out my necklace (I almost always wear a necklace) and put any other type of jewelry on. I always forget to put on earrings, and I'm not a huge fan of rings. So yeah, I just forget about jewelry in general.
  • Being super fashionably dressed: I'm no fashionista, and this is not a fashion blog. I can look nice when I try to, but it's not my passion. I can dress myself, it's just not super trendy/stylish.
I was messing around with make up the other day, which meant I was trying out products with NO intention of leaving the house. Since I was washing it off soon after, I did not apply any mascara, brow products, or pencil/gel eyeliner. I also painted my eyes in two different color using the Urban Decay Vice palette.

Eye #1: I call this one "Pooping a Rainbow"
In all of it's rainbow poopy glory. Excuse my veiny eye; it's just what happens.
Lol at the double wing
For this look I used Noise, Vice, Rapture, Provocateur, Muse, Blitz, Junkie, and Anonymous. I also used NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils in Milk (as a base) and French Fry.

Eye #2: This is what happens when your eyeshadow palette gives you a "Black (and Blue) Eye"
Punched in the face. Let's be honest, I just wanted an excuse to use Chaos (the bright blue color on my lid).
See my naked lashes aren't so bad!
For this look I used Chaos, Unhinged, Black Market, Occupy, Desperation. Penny Lane, Freebird, and Anonymous. NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk was again used as base. Chaos is finicky so it needed the white base for a better POP of color.

So I basically used the entire palette except Jagged, Armor, Nevermind, Echo Beach, and Laced. 15/20, not bad. Haha.

Hope my crazy eyes didn't scare you! And that you're having a great day!

Disclosure: These products were purchased by me for review purposes. I was not paid or compensated in any way. All opinions are my own.


  1. I love these looks you put together! That winged effect is really stunning! :)

    1. Thank you! That's why I love being invited to a party so I can bust out the cool makeup! lol