Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cherry Culture Sale on NYX Cosmetics

Photo Credit: Cherry Culture
NYX is one of my favorite cosmetic companies!  Prices are extremely affordable, and all products are cruelty free.  The only bad part is that the products can be hard to find if one doesn't know where to go.  For store locations, the most reliable place to find NYX is Ulta Beauty. To purchase online, you can go directly to NYX's website.  I however, recommend Cherry Culture for online purchases.

Cherry Culture is a budget-friendly beauty site that hosts many hard to find brands.  The best part is NYX cosmetics are almost always on sale! The current sale is 40% off NYX Cosmetics until May 6th.  Use the coupon code "NYX40" when you make your order.  Shipping is very cheap (usually under $5), and usually nonexistent if you meet the minimum requirements (Purchases over $40 have free shipping). 

I have personally ordered from Cherry Culture, and the products arrived within 4 days (with standard ground shipping) and in perfect condition. No products were missing or damaged.

Nyx products I currently recommend are:
  • Nyx eyeshadow, whether it be their singles, trios, or palettes. Very good quality comparable to higher end brands, such as MAC.  Their singles retail $5.50 (without any discounts) for 2.4 g compared to MAC's $15 for 1.3 g.  With Nyx, you get almost twice the amount of product for a third of the price, and that's without any discounts!
  • Nyx Slide on Pencils
  • Nyx Megashine Lip Gloss
  • Nyx Round Lipstick
I will be reviewing many of their products in the future.


  1. I like NYX nail polishes a lot. I want to try the makeup but haven't been able too yet. Ebay is a good place to shop for NYX products too. If you want to buy multiple items the other websites may be better, but if you only want to buy Ebay may be better. I found nail polishes on Ebay for the same price as on Cherry Culture, bu the shipping was about what is in cherryculture. So I was really happy! :D

    1. Good to know! I haven't tried the nail polishes yet. What colors do you recommend?

  2. Good sale!

  3. Thanks for the info... I didn't even know about it.