Friday, May 4, 2012

Vintage Sister Lip Balm New Spring Collection

I'm not sure if too many people are familiar with Vintage Sister, but it's an online business that sells unique flavors of lip balm in adorable, vintage tins.  Each lip balm is reasonably priced at $3.95.  Shipping is international, and there is no animal testing. Check out the interesting "flavors" from Vintage Sister's New Spring Collection!
Daisy Cake. Image from Vintage Sister.

Lemon Cheesecake. Image from Vintage Sister.

Mango Peach Fusion. Image from Vintage Sister.

Sangria. Image from Vintage Sister.

Strawberry Daiquiri. Image from Vintage Sister.

These sound delicious (in a good lip balmy way)!

Just so you know, I'm currently out of town, so posts will most likely be suspended until Monday. I have plenty more reviews planned, so stay tuned! Also, will have a haul coming up with products received for my birthday! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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