Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MAC Empties + Palette

*All of these items were purchased by me, other than the MAC lipstick, which was traded for using The Back to MAC program*

Hello, everyone! I don't buy a lot of MAC products, other than their amazing lipsticks, but I do have some older MAC eyeshadows I've accumulated throughout the years. Most notably I have six MAC eyeshadow, which were given to me during Christmastime in high school! My junior year was when I was especially getting into make-up, and I was a huge fan of bright colors! The six colors I used were Gorgeous Gold (Veluxe Pearl), Coppering (Veluxe Pearl), Freshwater (Veluxe Pearl), Hepcat (Frost, discontinued), Sprout (Frost, discontinued), and Aquadisiac (Lustre). I don't use Hepcat or Sprout anymore, because for some reason the texture of these Frost eyeshadows aren't the same anymore. I do keep them around for sentimental purposes, especially Sprout, since it was my first and favorite green! I don't use Gorgeous Gold or Coppering much anymore, but they are still in good condition. Freshwater and Aquadisiac are just as good when I bought them, and I still use them as a pop of color on the lower lash line. I know these eyeshadows are old, and according to most guidelines, should be thrown out, but I don't throw out powder makeup until the texture, quality, scent, or consistency has changed (which is why I don't use some of the shades).*

(*Note: Dry powder makeup is much more stable over time than cream or mascara products, which is why I'm not strict about throwing out my powder products. I do follow expiration guidelines when it comes to all cream products and mascara. If you'd like a post on when to toss your makeup, let me know! These are just my own personal methods of dealing with older makeup, and I'm not recommending anything to anyone.)

I decided to do something I've been dying to do for ages, buy a magnetic palette, and depot my single eyeshadows! I decided to get one of the new MAC Pro Palettes to start off with, and eventually get a Z palette and compare the two. So I went to work and depotted all six of my shadows before heading to a MAC store to get my palette! If you bring back 6 empty MAC containers, you may receive 1 lipstick (at all MAC locations), 1 eyeshadow (MAC Pro Stores only), or 1 lipglass (MAC Pro Stores only) for free. This recycling program is called "Back to MAC." (You can only buy MAC palettes and MAC pan eyeshadows at stand alone MAC stores, just in case you were wondering!)
My depotted MAC eyeshadows!
I wanted something completely different than any other lipstick I own, so I got Rebel (Satin), a vampy dark plum. At this point in time, the only other MAC lipsticks I owned are Creme Cup (Cremesheen) and Plumful (Lustre), so I really wanted to try out another lipstick finish. Though it is rather dark, Rebel is actually a lot more wearable than you'd imagine! You can tone it down a bit by blotting off the excess to make a stain or wear it in it's full opaque gorgeousness! I especially love that I got this beauty for free!
MAC Rebel 
MAC Rebel
And now for the palette! A MAC Pro Palette retails for $18, which is slightly cheaper than a Z palette, though it does not come with any magnets or inserts. I bought a roll of magnet stickers from a hardware store, so I was already covered. My magnet roll will magnetize to both a MAC palette and a Z Palette (my GlamRx and Inglot palettes have the same magnet base as a Z Palette), though strangely enough, my magnet roll magnetizes much more strongly to the MAC palette. So to clear up the confusion, a MAC palette actually has a different magnetic base than Z, GlamRX, and Inglot Palettes. For example my Yaby, Stila, and Inglot shadows already have a magnetized metal pan and DO stick to Z/GlamRX/Inglot palettes, but DO NOT stick to a MAC palette without an added magnet. In retrospect, I would have preferred to just get a Z palette, but I really love the plastic (rather than cardboard) design of the MAC palette, so no regrets! It's not that hard to add a magnet, after all.

So here's my palette in progress!
Eyeshadow shades from left to right by row: MAC Gorgeous Gold (Veluxe Pearl), MAC Coppering (Veluxe Pearl), MAC Freshwater (Veluxe Pearl), MAC Hepcat (Frost, discontinued), MAC Sprout (Frost, discontinued), MAC Aquadisiac (Lustre), Too Faced Fantasy Island Eyeshadow Duo (only the turquoise shade remains, since I used up the green long ago), Urban Decay Hotpants (old formula, discontinued), Urban Decay Baked (old formula, still available in new formula), MAC Patina (Frost), MAC All That Glitters (Veluxe Pearl), MAC Lucky Green (Veluxe Pearl), Coastal Scents Golden Globe, Coastal Scents Dark Goldenrod, Coastal Scents Dark Olive, Yaby Azalea Petal, Yaby Seashell,  Stila Puppy, Stila Twig, Stila Kitten, Wet 'N Wild Sugar, and Wet 'N Wild Nutty.

And that's it for now! If you'd like a post on how I depot my eyeshadows, let me know! Also, if anyone knows how to depot NYX single eyeshadows please let me know. Even though I've looked it up multiple times, I cannot do it! There is no lip between the shadow pan and the packaging (like with MAC eyeshadows), so I can't pop the shadow out. I'm dying to figure it out, so please let me know!

Disclosure: These products were purchased by me for review purposes. I was not paid or compensated in any way. All opinions are my own.


  1. Fun post! I love the colorfulness of your new MAC palette! There are 2 palettes I'd depot into something more sleek like this (UD BOS IV and Tarina Tarantino Emerald Pretty because they are both HUGE) but thus far I'm content to let them live on in their original digs. Kudos to you for depotting and getting creative. I agree with you about powder products - I think they last much longer, and they can actually be sanitized with alcohol. I think you're 100% right to let the texture/performance be your guide to when it's time to let them go! :)

    1. I was content with my single shadows before, but I realized I wasn't using them very much, as oppose to my palettes (which I used ALL the time). Now, I want to depot everything! I'm thinking of depotting all my wet and wild palettes and trios into one palette! And yes, that's exactly why I buy so many powder products! It makes me feel better if I have a chance to use the product up as much as possible!

  2. I really want to try creating a nude palette from MAC
    (Makeup | Skincare| Etc)

  3. LOVED this post :) I depotted my Wet'n'Wild singles too xx

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