Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lush Winter 2013 Hair & Fun Product Haul

*These products were all given to me as a part of working for Lush. This does not change my opinion on the products in any way.*
These products all fit in that box! :)
Hello, everyone! I thought I'd share my Lush staff box with you all. These are all of Lush's new products come 2013, which includes new haircare products, plus Lush's new "play dough for your bath," called Fun! Let's get to it!
Fun: Sample Sizes of Pink, Green, Yellow, Red, & Blue
Pink Fun
Green Fun
Yellow Fun
Red Fun
Blue Fun
What a full size Fun looks like :)
First Impressions:
  • Full retail price: $6.95 each
  • What it is: This is mull-purpose moldable soap! Basically it's like play dough outside the bath, which can be molded into different shapes. Inside the bath, you can use Fun as soap, shampoo, or bubble bath! Pretty cool, and very fun for kids! I recommend cutting off a small portion at time for use inside the bath. Otherwise the roll will get kind of soapy, and besides, you want your "Fun" to last longer!
  • Description: 
    • Pink Fun: A sugary sweet scent w/ vanilla and tonka absolute.
    • Green Fun: An uplifting scent w/ lemon and lime oils
    • Yellow Fun: A comforting sweet scent w/ vanilla absolute and gardenia extract.
    • Red Fun: A cheery scent w/ orange and mandarin oils.
    • Blue Fun: A soothing bedtime scent w/ chamomile and lavender oils.
  • This product is preservative free, and the wrapper is biodegradable! Also, a portion of Fun's sales is given to FUNd, a Lush initiative which supports charities in Fukushima, Japan, whose mission is to create safer places for children to play outdoors!
Blousey Shampoo (sample size)
First Impressions:
  • Full retail price: $25.95 for 8.4oz
  • What it is: This is a shampoo specifically made for damaged, over-processed, colored, bleached, or fragile hair. This is a non-stripping shampoo that is particularly ideal for color-treated hair. While my hair isn't color treated, I love the idea of moisturizing shampoo with bananas, cocoa, and cupuacu butters.
  • Description: A shampoo for damaged and color-treated hair.
  • This definitely has an strange herbal scent, but I've heard it works very well! Definitely curious to try it!
Fair Trade Honey Shampoo (small size)
First Impressions:
  • Full retail price: $9.95 for 3.3 fl oz, $19.95 for 8.8 fl oz, $29.95 for 16.9 fl oz
  • What it is: Fair Trade Honey is, you guessed it, a honey-based shampoo. Over half the bottle consists of honey! This is a moisturizing shampoo, helping to give both moisture and shine.
  • Description: A moisturizing honey shampoo.
  • This shampoo is ideal for all hair types, especially those who want some extra moisture. It's also preservative free!
Happy Happy Joy Joy Hair Conditioner (small size)
First Impressions:
  • Full retail price: $12.95 for 3.3 fl oz, $24.95 for 8.8 fl oz, $39.95 for 16.9 fl oz
  • What it is: I've tried this conditioner already, so I'd call it a "medium-strength" conditioner. It's not quite light, or heavy, but a good one to pair with any type of shampoo, depending on individual needs. It has an interesting fragrance, with rose water, orange blossom water, almond milk, rosewood oil, and grapefruit oil. I don't know if everyone will love the scent, but I do enjoy it! 
  • Description: A light, creamy, fragrant vegan conditioner.
  • This is a good conditioner for everyone, including bleached or over-processed hair. 
Big Solid Conditioner
First Impressions:
  • Full retail price: $9.95 for 3.5 oz (cut to weight in store, so you can get whatever size you want)
  • What it is: This is Lush's second solid conditioner, next to Jungle. It's meant to condition, while giving volume and shine. It contains sea salt, vanilla, jasmine, tonka, extra virgin coconut oil, seaweed, and lemon/lime juice.
  • Description: A volumizing solid conditioner.
  • This will pair well with Lush's Big Shampoo or Seanik Solid Shampoo Bar, or any volumizing shampoo! This is also preservative free.
Roots Hair Treatment (sample size)
First Impressions:
  • Full retail price: $19.95 for 8.4 oz
  • What it is: Roots is a hair treatment made for fine, thin hair. You actually put this conditioner on dry hair, massage from roots to ends, leave on for 20 min, and shampoo/condition as normal. This is both a hair and scalp treatment, so it's important to really massage this in. You'll feeling the tingling peppermint and spearmint oils, which will help stimulate the scalp in order to promote hair growth. This also contains extra virgin olive oil and honey to condition the hair and add shine, without weighting the hair down.
  • Description: A hair treatment to give dull, fine, and thin hair both volume and shine.
  • I've tried this once, and it made my scalp feel nice and does give some volume!
Superbalm Scalp Treatment (sample size)
First Impressions:
  • Full retail price: $19.95 for 1.5 oz
  • What it is: This is a treatment for the scalp, not the hair. It's meant for itchy, dandruff-ridden scalps, and contains soothing coconut oil, candelilla wax, and salicylic acid.
  • Description: A treatment for dry, troubled scalps, which moisturizes, softens, and eliminated flakes.
  • This is a scalp treatment that you leave on for 20 min and wash out.
Shine So Bright Split End Treatment
First Impressions:
  • Full retail price: $9.95 for 0.3 oz
  • What it is: This is a balm to help smooth down and condition split ends. It conditions and adds shine with extra virgin coconut and olive oils, shea butter, and eggs. It's meant to help improve the strength of your ends; instead of picking at your split ends, I've been putting this on the ends instead.
  • Description: A balm for split ends.
  • This smells similar to Lush's Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner!
Sea Spray Hair Mist
First Impressions:
  • Full retail price: $12.95 for 3.3 fl oz
  • What it is: This is a misting spray containing sea salt, sea water, seaweed, orange flower, grapefruit, neroli, and rosewood, in order to help your hair stay in place, add shine, give volume, and fragrance the hair.
  • Description: A volumizing hair mist to bring out waves and give some hold.
  • This is great on wet or dry hair in order to refresh, restyle, or add volume/texture/shine. I have wavy hair that I rarely blow dry, so I love this stuff! I highly recommend!
Hope you enjoyed! Thank you Lush for being so awesome and treating your employees so nice!

Disclosure: These products were given to me as part of being a Lush employee. I was not paid or compensated in any way. All opinions are my own.


  1. Love the sound of the Roots treatment! Sounds like it would be great for my fine, non-voluminous hair! :)

    1. Roots is good stuff! If you want a lot of volume, you should try the Lush Big Sea Salt Shampoo along with the Big Solid Conditioner. That will give you volume for days! I'm going to try all three today and see how big it makes my hair "naturally"! lol

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