Friday, March 1, 2013

March 2013 Ipsy Spoiler #3

Hello everyone! If you're an Ipsy subscriber and you're not interested in knowing what's in your bag ahead of time, don't read these "spoiler" posts! If you'd like to see what I've received in previous Ipsy bags as well as an explanation on what Ipsy is click the links: December 2012January 2013February 2013. To see the first two spoilers from the upcoming March bag, click here.

With a possible nautical bag (sneak peek #1) and the confirmed GlamRX Mini Freestyle Palette (sneak peak #2), I'm very excited for the March bag!
  • Sneak Peek #3: This item is rumored to be one single eyeshadow pan. Many people think it's going to be another Coastal Scents Mini Quad (like the ones received in last February's bad, as well as last October's bad), but I personally it's going to be one single eyeshadow pan. If it is from Coastal Scents, I think it'll be one of their Hot Pots, a single pan featuring 1.3g of product for $1.99. Ipsy has confirmed that the eyeshadow pan is NOT from Coastal Scents. The eyeshadow pan in the March bag could also be from the brands Yaby or Mudd, though this is just speculation. I've actually never heard of either brand, but I'm down to try it. After all, subscription services are all about trying new brands!
Spoiler #3. Image from Ipsy's Facebook Page.
The remaining items are rumored to be:
  • Something in a spray/squirt bottle. Rumored to be Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist or Green Apple Moisturizer.
  • Make up removing wipes, possibly LA Fresh travel lite makeup removing wipes.
 What brand do you think this eyeshadow is from? Hope you are having a great day!

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