Saturday, February 16, 2013

February 2013 Ipsy Bag

Yay! The February Ipsy Bag is here. I just want to start off by saying that I just adore receiving a bag every month in the mail. I love anticipating what items are arriving, as well as actually getting/testing out the products. It's definitely a joy! Ipsy is a $10 monthly subscription service. For a comprehensive overview of what Ipsy is, visit Ipsy's website or one of my previous posts (January Ipsy Bag or December Ipsy Bag).
The February Ipsy Bag-Don't you just love the pink envelope it comes in? I thought it was worthy of being in the pics this time!
I just received all the products, so I haven't tested them all out yet; therefore, this post is more of a first impressions post (there is a review on certain items I used, however). Contents of this bag, as well as the bag itself, were so small compared to the past two months. We received no full size items this month, even though the gel eyeliner looks like it is. These are still great sample sizes, I've just been so spoiled with full-size ones! I'm slightly disappointed in comparison to previous bags, but still happy with what I had received.
Front of card.
Back of card.
There's the included card, as usual. The theme appears to be "Get Red Carpet Ready" with a huge emphasis on eye products. I was honestly surprised that Ipsy didn't choose a lip product, since that seems to be a huge part of a "Red Carpet" look, but I suppose I already have products that fit the bill (like the Be a Bombshell Hot Mess Lip Gloss from December's bag). The nice part is between primer (which I'm sure you could use on your eyes in a pinch), eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, and lash cards, you basically have a entire eye look!
Front of bag.
Side of bag. It's quite thin!
Inside of bag.
I really like the bag this month! I'm really loving how every bag I've received is a way different shape! This month's bag is made out of shiny black plastic material on the outside, and lined in red (with the Ipsy logo) on the inside. The shape is square, and quite flat. It's a smaller bag, but this went well with the theme of the bag and the small size of the bag's contents.
Pop Beauty Smoky Lash Kapow! Mascara in Smoky Black
This is what the full size and the brush looks like. I don't like to open my mascaras until I get a round to using them. Image from Pop Beauty.
  • Pop Beauty Smoky Lash Kapow Mascara in Smoky Black- Deluxe Sample
    • Size: 0.17oz or 4.8g
    • Full Size: 0.25 oz or 7g, $18.50
    • Value of Sample: $12.69 (After calculating from full-size product. The sample might be available in a gift set, but it's not sold individually). 
    • The mascara claims to be volumizing and smudge proof. I believe it is waterproof, but Ipsy doesn't say so. I've got a ton of mascaras I have yet to go through (mostly samples and freebies) so I won't get to this one yet, but I will review once I have. This mascara has good review online, so I have high hopes for this product!
    • Repurchase? Probably not. I've never been particularly interested in Pop beauty products, especially at the price point. And to be honest, I only use high-end mascara when I get them in gift sets or receive free samples. I'm just too much in love with Covergirl Lash Blast Volume (although Benefit They're Real and Tarte Lights Camera Lashes are also quite good).
    • Pleased w/ Ipsy? Yes. I'm always down for mascara! Everyone received this product in the bag.
Mica Beauty Gel Eyeliner in Black
Mica Beauty Gel Eyeliner in Black, open.
Though I'd show a comparison. Mica Beauty is on the top, Tarte emphasEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Gel Liner is on the bottom.
Mica Beauty on left, Tarte on right. Since Tarte's is 2.5g, this is why I came to the conclusion that the Mica Beauty one is about half the size. 
What the gel eyeliners look like on the website.
My swatch! It's so pigmented that I had a lot extra on my I made an angry face with a tongue. I don't have a reason why. lol.
  • Mica Beauty Gel Eyeliner in Black- Deluxe Sample
    • Size: 0.04oz or 1.25g (approximately)
    • Full Size: 0.18oz or 5g, $30 (the sale price shown on the website is $30, but it normally retails for $35. I'm going to use the sale price for the purpose of the price calculation of the sample size, since the sample size does not have a brush).
    • Value of Sample: Well calculating this sample proved to be a challenge since there is no label on the gel eyeliner pot, so I can't entirely confirm that it isn't 5g. However, there are many notable difference in packaging between the full size shown on the website (see picture above) and the sample I received. First of all, my sample does not feature the included brush on the cap and the pot does not look nearly as full. So I compared it to my Tarte gel eyeliner (0.08oz or 2.5g), which has very similar packaging. When the two are compared side ways, the Tarte gel eyeliner appears to have about twice the amount of product as the Mica Beauty one. So in conclusion, I deem this product to be approximately 0.04oz or 1.25g, and worth $7.50.
    • I like the idea of receiving gel eyeliner in the box, especially one that is smooth, pigmented, long-wearing, and smudge-proof. So far, this claims have be all of those things! It applied beautifully, and was lasting all day with absolutely no migrating anywhere! When I took the swatch off my hand, it came off in flakes like a liquid liner. This did not effect the wear on my eyes, and made it easier to remove!
    • Repurchase? Probably not. Even though I do enjoy this product, the price point is rather high. Especially considering I already own some Tarte gel eyeliners, and have enjoyed cheaper ones from the drugstores. I checked out their website, and their prices are crazy. $64.95 for a 9g powder foundation and $29.95 for mascara? Heck no!
    • Pleased w/ Ipsy? Yes. The quality of the liner is lovely, though I am disappointed that it was not full size like I had assumed. Everyone received this in the bag in the same shade of black.
Lash Card Packaging, front.
Lash Card packaging, back.
What an individual lash card looks like. I love how the words are written, so you can see them in the mirror!
There's 4 in the sample. Making a fan shape with your hand, optional. 
  • Lash Card Individually Wrapped Mascara Shields (4 cards)- Deluxe Sample
    • Size: 4 cards
    • Full Size: 10 cards, $6.99
    • Value of Sample: $2.80 (After calculating from full-size product). 
    • Mascara shields? Can we say "womp, womp." This is definitely the dud of the box, but it might be still kind of fun to try. These claim to be used for separating lashes, bottom lashes, layering mascara, reapplying mascara, or maximizing curl. I don't know about all that, but basically you put the lash card behind your lashes so you don't get mascara all over your eyeshadow or under eye area. I think you could just use a business card, but the shape of the cards is supposed to work better. I might also try to do a winged eyeliner with it. These are supposed to be a one time use card, but I might reuse them anyway if they aren't too
    • Repurchase? No. "Ain't nobody got time for that!" (Please tell me you know what youtube video I'm talking about. If not go type that in right now!)
    • Pleased w/ Ipsy? No. But with everything else in the box, I'm not going to we a whiner. Everyone received this product in the bag.
Pixi Flawless and Poreless Primer, front.
Pixi Flawless and Poreless Primer, back.
Pixi Flawless and Poreless Primer, inside.
  • Pixi Flawless and Poreless Primer- Deluxe Sample
    • Size: 15ml or 0.5oz
    • Full Size: 50ml or 1oz, $29
    • Value of Sample: $14.50 (After calculating from full-size product). 
    • The primer claims to be oil-free, hypoallergenic, shine-controlling, pore-minimizing, hydrating, suitable for all skin types/complexions, helpful for extending the wear of foundation. It contains willow bark (for shine control), salicylic acid (to clear and unblock pores), shea butter (to nourish skin), titanium dioxide (to protect skin), and enantia chlorantha bark (medicinal and anti-viral). That's quite the list of claims. The product itself comes out of the tube skin-colored, but blends out to be translucent. I'm particularly excited to try this since it looks like it may be beneficial for acne-prone skin. I'm wondering if the primer meets all the claims!
    • Repurchase? Maybe, if I enjoy the product. It's about the same price as most high end primers (or a bit cheaper). Also, Pixi is readily available at Target. Another interesting thing is that I think the same owner owns both Pixi and Pop Beauty (I've seen them on Hautelook, and there are featured together on the same sale!)
    • Pleased w/ Ipsy? Yes. Primer is great to receive in a bag, and I'm stockpiling samples so I don't have to pay for full sizes! I'm a sneaky pack rat like that. Everyone received this product in the bag.
Coastal Scents In the Spotlight (counterclockwise from top): Dark Goldenrod, Sunbeam, Golden Globe, Dark Olive.
Coastal Scents In the Spotlight, back.
Coastal Scents In the Spotlight Swatches (counterclockwise from top): Dark Goldenrod, Sunbeam, Golden Globe, Dark Olive.
I tried to get a different view so you could see the green duo chrome in Dark Goldenrod. I failed!
The eyeshadow quad compared to a full size Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Palette (the 88 original).
  • Coastal Scents In the Spotlight Eye Shadow Sample Set (Dark Goldenrod, Sunbeam, Golden Globe, Dark Golden Olive)-Deluxe Sample
    • Size: 2g/0.07oz total, or 0.5g/0.0175g per pot
    • Full Size: 1.3g or 0.04oz, $1.99 (The full size is for a single eyeshadow color in Coastal Scents' Hot Pot individual pan format. The same colors featured in this sample quad are available as a Hot Pot.
    • Value of Sample: $3.06 (After calculating from the price of a single full size Hot Pot). 
    • I've got quite a lot of experience in regards to Coastal Scents eye shadows since I own four 88 palettes (88 Color, 88 Ultra Shimmer, 88 Warm, and 88 Metal Mania). I received all four in a giveaway hosted by the beautiful Sarah of Beauty Vigilante. These aren't the highest quality eyeshadows I've ever used (compared to Urban Decay or Inglot), but they are quite wonderfully pigmented, especially for the price. They tend to be powdery with some fall-out, but it's manageable. I absolutely love the golden/green colors of this palette, so I'm very pleased! Now for a breakdown of the colors:
      • Dark Goldenrod: A deep, gleaming golden hue with a satin finish. The coverage is semi-opaque. 
        • My Take: I would call this completely opaque, personally. The texture of this was smooth, pigmented, and only a little powdery. This color is certainly golden, but it has a bit of a duo chrome green iridescence going on. It's a really unique color to my collection, and for $1.99, I might have to actually pick up this shade. A total win!
      • Sunbeam: A pastel yellow with a matte finish. The coverage is sheer.
        • My Take: It's definitely sheer and VERY powdery. Not the best matte in the world. It looks almost neon yellow, while still being a pastel. I'm not sure how I'd use this color with the others in the quad, to be honest.
      • Golden Globe: A glistening golden hue with a satin finish. The coverage is semi-opaque. 
        • My Take: Another great shade. Not as pigmented as Dark Goldenrod, but still not bad. Fairly powdery. It's definitely a yellow-toned gold.
      • Dark Golden Olive: A shimmering deep green with gold iridescent sparkles and a metallic finish. The coverage is opaque.
        • This one is deep, dark, and super opaque. It's an olive green with gold shimmer, and it's gorgeous. I can't wait to use this in the crease with Dark Goldenrod on the lid! Downside? Major powdery. I would use a small amount due to the major pigmentation and tap off the brush before putting on the lid. 
    • Repurchase? Yes, if my palettes ever run out (lol) or if I really enjoy these shades and want to get the Hot Pots (must get amazing Dark Goldenrod!). I might want some hot pots anyway when I eventually depot my single shadow and finally invest in a Z palette. I also love that this quad can pretty easily be depotted out of their cheap, plastic packaging and eventually be added to a Z palette (or any magnetic palette).
    • Pleased w/ Ipsy? Yes,  even though I have a bunch already. Also, similar Coastal Scents quads were received in last October's bag, so some people were probably not pleased since that wasn't too long ago. I've noticed a pattern of Ipsy repeating similar items from the same brand, so hopefully they break out of that soon. Subscribers either received the In the Spotlight quad (like I did) or a quad featuring smokey shades.
Price Breakdown:
  1. Pop Beauty Smoky Lash Kapow Mascara in Smoky Black-Deluxe Sample-$12.69 
  2. Mica Beauty Gel Eyeliner in Black-Deluxe Sample-$7.50 
  3. Lash Card Individually Wrapped Mascara Shields (4 cards)-Deluxe Sample-$2.80 
  4. Pixi Flawless and Poreless Primer-Deluxe Sample-$14.50 
  5. Coastal Scents In the Spotlight Eye Shadow Sample Set (Dark Goldenrod, Sunbeam, Golden Globe, Dark Golden Olive)-Deluxe Sample-$3.06 
Total Value$40.55

Previous Months' Box: $38.79 (January), $72.67 (December)

Note: I realize I don't add the cost of the bag to the total (since I don't know the value of the bag itself), so I just consider the bag to be a freebie.

Overview: The value of the bag quadrupled the $10 I paid, so well done for that. It barely beat January's box, but December's box still had the best value and products. While I am pleased with these products, I find the selection and size of the products slightly lackluster. First of all, there wasn't a single true full-sized item in the entire bag. While these are large samples (some nearly full size), I've gotten spoiled by past bags and have come to expect at least a couple full sized products. I was happy to receive the mascara and gel liner, but it would have been nice to receive a colored gel liner (instead of always black). Primer is always welcome, but I've accumulated a lot of primer samples, and I still have the primer from December's bag. The Coastal Scents quad was nice, but I have four 88 Palettes already from a giveaway, so it wasn't exactly needed. Last and least (lol), the lash cards were kinda the dud, but with everything else I received, I can't complain much. I would consider this a good Ipsy bag but not a great one like December's (I sounds like such a brat! lol). I'm still pleased with Ipsy and will remain a subscriber. And as always, I look forward to next month!

Preview for next month: None yet, since I wrote this review shortly after receiving my bag. I'd love to receive a patterned bag, a blush, a liquid/pen eyeliner, a lipstick, and some full-size goodies! What would you like to receive next month?

Disclosure: Most of these products were purchased by me for review purposes. The Coastal Scents 88 Palettes were received from a giveaway hosted by another blogger. I was not paid or compensated in any way. All opinions are my own.


  1. As the months go on, I feel like we expect more and more from ipsy because they've had quite a few good bags... I'm hoping for blush, liquid eyeliner, and lipsticks... basically same as you, because those are the things that are missing :)

    1. I agree! We have such high expectations, we forget that we should just be happy that the bag is still pretty darn good! That's why I've never subscribed to Birchbox, for example. Their boxes never impress me all that much (I'm not a fan of a ton of skincare samples or foil packets).

  2. i really loved this post! ive never heard of some of those brands! ive just followed you :)
    check out my blog if you get a chance,

    1. Thanks so much! Ipsy bags are a great intro to so many unfamiliar brands! I followed you back as well!

  3. I've never heard of a lot of these brands, but looks really good xx

    mac lipstick giveaway.

    1. So far, everything is working out great, though I particularly love the gel eyeliner from Micabeauty. Gel liner just seems to have the best staying power on me!