Saturday, June 8, 2013

This Week's Ramble #2

Hi everyone! I have a confession to make...I've been a very bad blogger as of late, and unintentionally took a month off. :( I had a busy month between work, family, and a little Vegas trip. It was a great month, full of laughter and fun (and a bit of stress), so I took a little break from blogging. However, I did not take a break from I have a ton of backlogged posts coming at you! So bare with me, as I catch up on reviews and hauls (from my birthday!).

Also, "This Week's Ramble" is a series of posts I started, that are more "lifestyle" oriented, telling you more about my life on a personal level. While this is a beauty blog, sometimes it's fun to inject a little extra personality. To see my first "This Week's Ramble" post, click here.

These pictures span from April until the present, just so you know. This is a very picture heavy post, so feel free to read at you leisure. :)

A trip to my local brewery included quail wings....
and amazing mac and cheese!
As well as my new favorite Belgium beer:
It's called:
So pretty at night!
Can you guess where this is?
Love the atmosphere!
The strange neighborhood cat:
Why are you so cranky?
I'm kind of nerdy, so:
Why yes, this does offend me, while still making me laugh!
Visiting the boyfriend's animals usually entails great risk. Check out Lager, who is attacking my sweatshirt per usual.
Will he ever stop moving?
Please sit still so I can take the picture!
 The "dog treats" clearly have his attention:
Look at Lager beg...
Seriously those eyes are killing me!
And it continues...
Lol, are you tired of Lager pictures yet?
Ok, one more!
Here's buddy, a very sweet dog.
She's penned because she hurt her leg, and doesn't know her own limits. Poor thing, but we can't have her injuring herself more. :(
And the demon kitty, Lucky, who's been featured on this blog before. Because I'm a cat lady. 
She looks pretty regal for a fat cat.
Those eyes!
Excuse my chipped nails. That's Essie's Bikini So Teeny, just in case you were wondering :)
So being the logical person I am, I thought I'd tease the cat:
And make an action sequence out of it.
Because I can:
And because Lucky is easy to piss
And she really wanted to eat the string of my sweatshirt...
No really, the cat eats plastic if she can. Cotton is probably a step up. lol
And this is how I felt when I tried to eat lunch:
I took this picture (I was in the passenger seat, not driving FYI), and I thought it was hilarious!
I hope this isn't offensive to you, but it's not everyday you see something more creative than "wash me" etched into a dirty car.
And this "Dark Side of the Moon" hurts my eyes.
But somehow I thought you should stare at it too. You're welcome.
And one more of Lager. I can't help it. :)
"Please sir, may I have some more?"
And no food post is complete without a random sushi pic:
I'm so delicious.
And no beauty blog lifestyle post is complete without the gratuitous Lush Bath Bomb cocktail. This is the fan favorite "mermaid bath," which is the Big Blue bath bomb mixed with the Sunnyside bubble bar.
You know you want to take a bath right now.
I scoff at you!
Just kidding..."ULTIMATE CUTENESS!"
Went to dinner with the best group of friends EVER (you know who you are...) and we shared some wickedly bad food (and by bad, I mean bad for you...haha).
This appetizer was called "Vampire Dip"
FRIED goodness. There was like 8 people FYI...haha
This burger is called the 50/50 because half of it is bacon and half of it is beef.
Random dessert with the boyfriend one day. We kept it simple with a parfait and a macaroon. We don't eat a lot of dessert as a rule, so it was nice treat :)
This is awesome....haha!
Can this be a thing already?
So is this:
 And this is also mighty funny:
He really did. lol
The rose the boyfriend gave me on my birthday:
We went back to the local brewery for dinner that night. Thank you boyfriend (I call him "boyfriend" to protect his
A new version of Shock Top. I like it :)
Yup, I had to go to Car's you spot me in the back right? lol
One of the things I miss most about working at Disneyland is hanging out with the ducks. No seriously. They are daring little devils. One time I was working the Jungle Cruise, and a duck dive bombed my boat. I yelled "duck" to the guests on board....and well, that was a really comedic
This made me laugh:
I also went to the beach:
The boyfriend beat me on Toy Story Midway Mania :(
And he was the best of the hour. Nice work!
We are so cool.
Well, maybe not.
California Screamin'! Too bad the sun made the pic turn out badly :(
 This also made me laugh...
Did I mention that I'm a quarter Japanese? lol
I stealthily took a picture of my local Sephora's Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadows:
Excuse the poor quality! I was in stealth mode!
And then I swatched them:
Excuse the random red
So glittery!
Yes, I was also swatching red lipsticks, hunting for dupes. lol
And here's a picture of a happy llama:
I'm just so darn joyful.
And then I went to Vegas! This was night 1 at Vdara:
This was the view from our room in Vdara. I'm wearing MAC's Russian Red lipstick. (which is why I was swatching red lipstick earlier).
These are the best friends a girl could ever have! Over 12 years and counting...
We're in the Cosmopolitan.
Day 2. Funny picture from the Bellagio:
lol she's not actually licking him FYI
And now we're at the pools in Caesar's Palace:
I felt like I was in a movie scene, since it was so crazy busy!
Night 2: Eating dinner at Mon Ami Gabi in Paris.
I'm wearing MAC's Girl About Town lipstick.
My Skate (fish) with cauliflower puree was DELICIOUS!
And here's a candid shot:
That's a straw in my I obviously went for the bold lipstick look all weekend. 
Night 3: Luxor!
Everyone's makeup done by me :)
I found Mandalay Bay's Lush!
Hello, I love you!
I also found the elusive Avowash!
I look crazy in this picture...haha...I'm also wearing MAC's Impassioned lipstick.
We ate dinner at an awesome Irish restaurant, called Ri Ra!
Such pretty ladies!
And that's all folks!

My apologies for spamming you with a million pictures! I just felt like it...and it's my blog so I do what I want! lol. In all seriousness, I missed you all, and I missed blogging so much!

I have some major catch up to do, so expect a lot of backlogged posts including Ipsy reviews for April and May, an Influenster Vox Box, Bzzagent Campaigns, a MAC haul (yay for Nordstrom's gift cards! Thank you!), an Inglot haul...and well beauty business mmmkay. :)

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow looks like you had a great time! I had a great time in Vegas as well. The food looked yummy, the animals were adorable and that first restaurant patio looked very nice.

    1. Thank you, I did have a great time! I'm glad you had fun when you visited too! It's hard to not have fun in Vegas!

  2. I thought this post was really fun! I like how you peppered the vacation photos with everyday stuff and memes :) I should do a post like this when I go on vacation.

    1. Aww thank you! It took awhile to sort through all the photos (I take WAY too many pictures for my own good!), but it was to do a fun "lifestyle" post!

  3. Glad you're back! I was wondering where you'd been. It's good to take breaks sometimes to avoid getting burned out. I don't want blogging to feel like a 2nd job, and when it starts feeling that way, I have to step back for a bit. Looks like you had a great break and I love your fun lipstick pics from Vegas! Lager is adorable and I think I need that mac n' cheese. Like right now! :)

    1. I did have a good break, but now I need to get back to blogging! It's definitely good to take some breaks, but now I miss it too much! My problem lately is that I've been much busier than usual, and need to get better at time management! lol. It's just so hard when your surrounded by Lager :). As always, love your feedback!

  4. All those puppies and kitties and animals! Eeeeeeee :)
    I have no idea if this is your kind of thing, but I'm having a jewellery giveaway if you wana take a look and join in? xx

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