Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lush Easter Goodies + Easter Recap

*These products were purchased by me. I am a Lush employee so I do receive a discount on Lush products. This does not change my opinion on the products in any way.*

Hello Lovelies! I hope you all had a lovely Easter! The store was closed so we all got the day off! Yippee! Even though I haven't worked at Disney for a little while now, I'm still in the state of mind that I have to work every holiday, so it's nice when it just works out. :)

I spent the day with the boyfriend. First we went to his grandparents' house for their yearly Easter breakfast, then we headed to my cousin's house to have dinner with my Uncle, Aunt, and my two cousins, Ariel and Catherine. Ariel is such a great cook and host, and we even played our new obsession, Telephone Pictionary. It's awesome, and we're determined to have the game sweep the nation! Now onto the Lush goodies:
So cute!
Do you see the Easter basket in the background? lol
Just so everyone knows even though it's after Easter, all of these items are still available on Lush's website, as well as some in store locations. My store location still has plenty of Fluffy Eggs, Brightsides, and Carrots! 
  • The Brightside Bubble Bar
The Brightside Bubble Bar
I love the orange and yellow swirls of color!
Side view!
My lovely bath water!
Oh my goodness, this smells so delicious! I am so bummed that it's limited edition, since it is one of the most amazing smelling Bubble Bars I have ever tried! Bubble Bars essential create bubbles; all you do is get the bar wet, break off a chunk, and crumble it under running water. To me this smells like a fresh Tangerine mixed with fizzy orange soda! It contains Sicilian mandarin, tangerine, and bergamot oils. The oils soften the skin for a very energizing bath! It also turned my bath water orange, though the lighting in my bathroom is washing out the orange color; it actually turned my bath a much richer orange! It created plenty of bubbles, I just took the picture when most of the bubbles had gone away. That's what happens when you take long, relaxing baths! You can use a large Bubble Bar like The Brightside more than a few times (I'd say 2-4 baths), so it has an overall good value at $8.95.
  • Carrot Bubble Bar
I wish I had a bunny, so I could take a picture with the Carrot!
The Carrot is a unique Bubble Bar at $7.95, and it offers such a great value! This type of Bubble Bar is much harder in texture, and you do use it differently than the typical Bubble Bar. Instead of breaking off a chunk under running water, you actually hold the Carrot by it's green stem and swirl it into your bath water. As a result, you can get as much as 6 baths, possibly even more depending on how many bubbles you'd like. It's got a unique citrus smell, with lemon and buchu scented foam. The boyfriend swears it smells like a citrus carrot, but I think it just smells very refreshing, but not overpowering.
  • The Immaculate Eggception in Pink Bath Bomb
Immaculate Eggception!
What an adorable name! 
This might be the cutest bath bomb to rule them all!
Are you enjoying the photoshoot? lol
What it looks like cracked open. Image from Lush.
This bath bomb is a bit pricier than most at $12.95, but it is also quite a bit more product. You actually can crack the egg at the seam, and you get each side of the egg, as well as a special surprise inside (it's either a chick or a bunny!). You can use each part and potentially get up to three baths, or throw the whole egg in for an Easter explosion! There are two colors available, in pink or yellow; I myself am partial to a frothy pink bath! As Lush recommends, all you have to do is "get a hold of your egg, line up the crease with the edge of a hard surface, and give it one good WHACK!" The bath bomb contains a very sweet, foodie scent that I adore, containing ylang ylang, grapefruit, and vanilla.
  • Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb
Fluffy Egg!
So cute! 
I picked this one up a bit later than the others, as an Easter present for my cousins! At $6.95, I believe this one returns every Easter! This leaves a pink, frothy bath, and smells like vanilla cotton candy! As described by my cousin, Ariel: "It's like candy and my skin is so soft!" 

These products are simply amazing and limited edition for the season. I have only used The Brightside Bubble Bar so far, but I have done demos of all the products in store, so I can definitely comment on the high quality of all the items! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

Disclosure: These products were purchased by me for review purposes. I was not paid or compensated in any way. All opinions are my own.

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